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Website Set Up Fee
Please pay for your website set up and creation fee here once you are satisfied.  Remember, I'm available here at

$199.00 (Standard Website/Hosting/Vanity URL/Storage/4 Hours Creative)
Website Maintenance Fee
Your absolutely worry free website creation and maintenance fee.  Up to 5 changes per month, 1 additional custom page per month, 

Books in Bulk - NEW!
Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide and Workbook or Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source.  Keep your clients coming back weekly while you guide them through this award winning Spirit Thinking book.  It's 30 day workbook is PERFECT for encouraging clients to journal.  

Retail is $24.99 per copy.

Buy just 5 at wholesale and sell to clients.
5 at wholesale pirce is $45.00 ($15.00 each) for
a profit of $50.00 for your practice!

Your costs is JUST $45.00 for Five Copies!
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