You're going to feel better soon.

While you wait, I'd offer this prayer for you.

"Creator, as this person has reached out to me, may you prepare my heart to work with them.  May my words be your words.  May your Spirit fall upon both of us.  I lift this person up to you and ask you bless them with peace.  I ask you to comfort them.  I ask you to hold them close to you until they know the Truth - they are loved and they are worthy.
  • The first session is free.  Dr. Manley will call you soon or his assistant, Treva.
  • After the first session, you will need to have a PayPal account to use to make payment for your sessions.
  • You will need to download and sign some paperwork.AFTER the session.
  • If you decide to keep working with Dr. Reece, fees range from $49.00 per hour to $259.00 per hour based upon a sliding scale fee.
  • Special if you ACT NOW.  If you buy Crossing Twice or Spirit Thinking, right now, you will receive on free session with Dr. Manley.  A $259.00 value!