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Greetings Blessed Friend,
Now that I have your information, I will begin to work on discerning an answer for you.  Unlike how I used my gift on the show, I will spend an hour in prayer over your question and your options.  As I am prayerful, one option will begin to become surrounded by light.  It will become clear it was the choice the Holy Spirit wants you to take in your life.
While I am doing this, you must:
  • Put the question out of your mind.  Just say a little prayer and then let it go to me.  Trust the Spirit to work this out for you.
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  • If you want me to respond by phone, the cost is $129.00.  If you want me to respond by email, the cost is $99.00.  You will receive an invoice when your answer is ready. 
  • If you cannot afford the whole amount immediately, I will be happy to bill you $19.99 per month until you have paid in full.*
  • Remember, the question you are asking is a major part of your life.  It may very well change your life.  That's why there is a cost to it.  Make certain you have asked the question you really want answered!

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Suggested Prayer for Those Seeking Discernment
Dear Creator,I have struggled with this decision and I now need your help.  As I turn this over to You, I trust You as a little child would trust a parent, I place these things in Your hands.  I will not worry about them again.  I will trust Your wisdom to flow, Your Spirit to comfort me and I now accept your peace. Praise you, Creator.Amen