Discernment:  A Gift of the Holy Spirit

In the New Testament, both Christ and Paul speak of the power of the Holy Spirit and of the several gifts given to God's children.  In 2008, not only did I have a near death experience but also a spiritual transforming experience.  I returned with a gift of the Holy Spirit in the realm of Discernment.
I, like most who experience a full crossing, came back "altered and blessed" from the experience.  I hid from my gift for a while because it was painful to "know" the right choice and not speak for fear of hurting someone over another.  However, we are not called to fear but to service.
So, I have been building my spiritual muscles up on Discernment, reading and practicing until I feel quite blessed in my ability.
If you have need for Discernment in your life, then please let me help.  I cannot make something magically happen, but I can prayerfully, quickly discern the right choice for you to make between two or three choices in this moment in time. 

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