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Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source
The true story of Dr. Manley's near death experience and his trip through the heavens.  Read how he joined the creator and went through the stages of crossing.  His return to life marked the beginning of his victory in life.  Book of the Year - Christian Self Help Network.
Spirit Thinking:  30 Day Guide and Workbook
An incredibly new approach to counseling and self development.  This the book readers can't put down with changes in their lives happening in hours.  A powerful 30 Day journal and exercises help the reader open new doors in the way the thing and act.,
Seven Signs of Sex Offenders
An eReport based on 100 responses from sex offenders.  Especially important for parents who allow children go to the youth groups at their Houses of Faith.  Immediate download access.
What Happens When We Die.  An eBook.
An eBook which contains elements from Crossing Twice.  If you have ever asked the question "What Happens When We Die" then this powerful book will bring your comfort and belief.
Session with Dr. Manley
Begin your journey with Dr. Manley by purchasing sessions here.  Remember, you must pay for your session PRIOR to it beginning.  And, also, all sessions are guaranteed.  First session includes a copy of Spirit Thinking.