Friends and Listeners of Joyce!

You've found the right page!  Reece was recently a guest of famed psychic of Joyce Keller.  And, if you heard Reece on the show then you are entitled to some very special items just from Reece.  The prices below are ONLY available to Joyce Keller listeners. And, yes, I'm available to use my Gift of Discernment for you.  I've placed a special form below that will allow me to begin working on your problem immediately.

For autographed, inscribed and inidividually blessed copies of Reece Manley's book Crossing Twice: Answers from the Source, click on link.

For an autographed, inscribed and inidvidually blessed copies of Reece Manley's book Spirit Thinking: Your 30 Day Guide and Workbook, click on link.

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For DISCERNMENT HELP only, please fill out the form below

    I need help with a decision.  Please use your gift, Reece.

Discernment Help is offered under these covenants:
I covernant not to reveal your information to anyone else.  This is part of my clergy duties.
I covenant to refund any money should I not get Divine Guidance about your question.
I covenant to refund any money should you request, within 48 hours.
I covenant to treat you with respect, acceptance and love.
You covenant to be very serious about your question.
You covenant to make payment as outlined on the confirmation page.  
You covenant to make payments if you use the $19.99 per month offer.